Revere Where You Live

The Real Estate Brokerage of Tomorrow

We are Changing Real Estate. One Home at a Time.

Revere believes in doing things differently.

World class marketing, a place people love to work, and a brokerage that saves the client money? That's impossible they said. But, we've created just that - the Real Estate Company of Tomorrow.

We go the extra mile to market in the most ambitious way, painting a masterpiece with your home. Getting seen in 2021 involves so much more than putting our faces on a bus bench - We let your home speak for us. Did we mention that you save $2000+ with Revere? We did that because we can.

All to help you and your family find the place where they belong.

Luxury service for every client

Get more from your Brokerage

We believe in providing the highest level of service for the best price anywhere. That's our guarantee to you: Unmatched marketing - saving you thousands.

Your Home is our Canvas

We market your home first. The way it always should have been.

Silly bus benches, signs with our face on them - we don't do that. That's because you and your home are all that matter. We focus on showing that masterpiece in the best light, and getting you more when you go to sell.

Marketing for tomorrow, today.

Revere doesn't believe in 'if it's not broken, don't fix it.' We believe in pushing for more. That's why you get all the latest marketing and technology that is possible. Video, social, Unique signage, and a unique experience. That's why we are growing so quickly - we do real estate different.

Your Power Negotiation Team.

We have done this before. That's why on average we sell homes in fewer days than the industry standard, for more. You can be comfortable in that we are working for you, day and night to get the best price for your home, in the shortest time possible.

Pro Photos. In House.

All homes are NOT the same. But, that doesn't mean they shouldn't get the highest level of marketing, with the best possible photographers. Make your first impression last - Revere does that.

Technology. Exposure.

We help buyers find exactly what they're looking for - with the tech of tomorrow, in house. Chances are, we have someone that is looking for the home you are selling. Because we know more about our buyers, and we know they'll love your home.

Showings Your Way.

We understand the world is changing. That's why we do showings exactly how you want them. Or not at all - We do virtual showings as commonplace as in person. We have sold homes through video, and without people seeing them in person.