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Your commission savings
† Compared to a listing commission of 3.5/1.5%, taking into account a 2% buyer agent commission

We Save you Thousands of Dollars When you Sell

Two packages. Unmatched marketing. Sell from 1% and save your equity.

Marketing for tomorrow, today.

Revere doesn't believe in 'if it's not broken, don't fix it.' We believe in pushing for more. That's why you get all the latest marketing and technology that is possible. Video, social, Unique signage, and a unique experience. That's why we are growing so quickly - we do real estate different.

Your Power Negotiation Team.

We have done this before. That's why on average we sell homes faster than the industry standard, for more money. You can be comfortable in that we are working for you, day and night to get the best price for your home, in the shortest time possible.

Pro Photos. In House.

All homes are NOT the same. But, that doesn't mean they shouldn't ALL get the highest level of marketing. Make your first impression last - Revere does that.

Technology. Exposure.

We help buyers find exactly what they're looking for - with the tech of tomorrow, in house. Chances are, we have someone that is looking for the home you are selling. Because we know more about our buyers, and we know they'll love your home.

Showings Your Way.

We understand the world is changing. That's why we do showings exactly how you want them. Or not at all - We do virtual showings as commonplace as in person. We have sold homes through video, and without people seeing them in person.

Frequently Asked Questions

What About Buyer Agent Commissions?
Buyer's agents commissions are entirely separate and paid in addition to the listing commission we charge. Our commission rates are based on a 1% or 1.5% listing commission paid to us as the listing brokerage and compensate for the services rendered to the seller only and do not include numeration paid to a buyer's agent. Typically we recommend offering a competitive cooperating commission based on the current market. Our flexible fee structure ensures full cooperation from other brokerages.
When Do I have to Pay?
As with most traditional real estate brokerages, commissions are charged on the proceeds of a sale - That means you only pay our fees if we successfully sell your home! This makes our listing packages virtually risk free.
Are there any Restrictions?
We strive to keep ourselves as 'asterisk free' as possible! Almost all homes are elligible for our 1% listing commission. For homes and condos under $300,000 we charge a flat $3000 on our 1% package, which still offers around 40-50% savings from a traditional fee structure listing commission. Our fee options may vary and/or not be available in some regions. Please contact for further details.
What Differentiates You from Other Low Fee Brokerages?
Many other brokeages charge you upfront - meaning you risk losing money if you do not sell your home. Most other brokerages worry about cost cutting and trying to provide as little as possible, whereas our marketing rivals most full-fee models
What if I need Support or Have Questions?
The benefit about us being real estate agents ourselves is that you have us at your beck and call. That means there are no 1-800 numbers, there is no waiting on hold, we are available 7 days a week for you. We also provide you with updates on the listing, we make sure that showings are acceptable at your conveinence, and we become your best friend in the process.